Firelit Spirits

"Coffee Liqueur got a good bit more serious with the release of
Firelit Spirits Coffee Liqueur"
-Camper English, San Francisco Chronicle


It all starts with a flame...


Firelit Coffee Liqueur was founded in 2009 by Jeff Kessinger who developed the original cold brew coffee liqueur formula along with his two high school friends; Marcus Urani and Tyler Warrender, and with the help of James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Kessinger contracted various distilleries for the first 5 years of production before settling into his own coffee liqueur brewery in Napa, CA.

The coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours immediately following the roasting process and then is blended with a brandy/coffee infusion. The blend is aged in stainless steel tanks for one full month to allow the ingredients to fully integrate. Before bottling, a cold brew batch of fresh coffee is brewed for proofing.

Firelit was created to be enjoyed neat, however its low sugar and high caffeine content make it the perfect addition to both savory and sweet cocktails served any time of day!


Now Brewing Batch 10.5